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"...on May 21, 2009 a select group of males and females were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a 63 day rapid fat loss challenge...

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Final 2009 results:

Challenger 1 - Emily (27) 2%
Challenger 2 - Maleah (636) 44%
Challenger 3 - Casey (51) 4%
Challenger 4 - Mindy (725) 50%

Congratulations to Mindy, the 2009 Shape21 Lean Body Challenge winner!

On August 1, 2009, Mindy received the following fantastic prizes:

A giant 24 pack case of Cherry Pharm Natural Health & Recovery Cherry Juice, as well as a quick dry t-shirt from Cherry Pharm

$75 value!

One bottle Enerprime Superfood Multi-Vitamin - never get sick again and feel like a million bucks 24-7

$50 value!

Gymstick portable exercise device - for quick and convenient muscle toning and fat burning

$80 value!

One bottle fat loss or human performance supplement of choice from Millennium Sports technologies!

$50 value!

ActionWipes mesh bag filled with wipes, sports spray, muscle joint gel and lip care balm

$45 value!

MuscleTrac muscle massage and deep tissue self-therapy device with bonus t-shirt

$55 value!

And the other final three challengers from 2009 were...

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