"If You Want Big Muscles or Bulk, Then Train Like A Bodybuilder. But If You Just Want To Look Good Naked, Then Read This Page... "

from Ben Greenfield

You know the look. Big, chunky muscles. A thick neck. Squatty looking, swollen legs. Sometimes a bit of extra soft flesh around the mid-section. Thick calves.

It's what you see on the person who appears to have spent too much time in a gym, eating protein bars and sitting in a tanning booth.

The fact is, 99% of the exercise programs out there that are designed to achieve a tight, toned body actually end up giving anyone unlucky enough to make it through the entire program a body just like the one described above.

And as you know, that type of body just doesn't look good naked.

Close your eyes and picture an underwear model.

Do they have big, bulging biceps with unsightly veins?

Do they have thighs so thick they look like tree trunks coming out the crotch?

Do they have a turtle-like, puffy neck, or a chest muscles shoved up into their chin?

Of course not!

Instead, the underwear model has a tight, toned, lean body with sharp, chiseled and healthy features.

Call me crazy, but I think that's a pretty good look.


My name is Ben Greenfield, and I'm a personal trainer and nutritionist.

In the thousands of clients that I've assisted with fat loss and lean muscle toning over the past decade, I've seen the same pattern over and over again - people who are looking for the final solution to lose those 20 pounds, shed that last 1.5% body fat, get off a weight loss plateau and look good naked!

The problem is that most of the advice out there in the fitness and nutrition industry comes straight out of weightlifting magazines and books from the 1980's, when the basic goal was to pile on muscle and eat diet foods.

Heck, you can't blame today's fitness industry for the looks it's producing, since those books and magazines from the 1980's were based off the heroes of the day - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and female bodybuilders in one-piece leotards.

To be frank, I looked that way once. Here is me when I did that kind of exercise program:

But that's not today's look.

That's not what you want to look like. Trust me, nobody really finds a ripped freak all that sexy.

Folks, it's time to go beyond this "run-of-the-mill" muscle-building and fat loss advice. You see, there is a secret when it comes rapidly burning fat, getting lean muscle and building a sexy body, and this secret does not involve spending hours of your valuable time pumping iron in a gym , eating protein bars, then going to bad at night with a headache because you're so hungry.

The problem is that most personal trainers, physicians and fitness magazines do not know what you are about to discover.


As a personal trainer, for years, I would observe these type of disastrous results occuring in my clients - they'd get big, bulky, huge and unsightly when all they wanted to do was get lean and sexy. Unfortunately, what I had learned while studying exercise science in school only scratched the surface of the true barriers to weight loss and lean muscle toning. Other personal trainers, nutrition specialists and even my client's doctors would just scratch their head and tell my clients (and theirs) to exercise harder and eat less!

So, after 4 more "post-college" years of studying and researching exercise moves and unique food sensitivity and nutrition tactics for enhancing non-bulky lean muscle gain combined with fat loss, I came upon the realization that...

...body weight exercises combined with a special super-set style of free weight training and high-intensity intervals is the key to lean muscle, and combining this key with “toxic waste storage elimination" produces a body that instantly loses it's puffiness, doesn't bulk up and gets super-sexy and lean (and looks good naked)!

Armed with this fact, I spent the next several months of my life locked away in my personal training studio, designing a completely unique, holistic and 100% allergen-free diet that was perfectly matched to a zero-guesswork lean body toning program. My goal was to quickly put the human body into a state where the cells would have no choice but to eliminate toxins and fats as rapidly as possible while creating new lean muscle fibers that appear completely tight and toned!

Before I show you what emerged from those years of work, I want to show you a picture of me after I changed my exercise program and got rid of my bulky, ripped freak appearance:

Not only did I look better and get more compliments on my body, but I must admit, I actually felt healthier, I felt great with the nutritional changes, I had more energy, I had a bigger sex drive, and was actually more athletic and coordinated than when I was doing the old-school, bodybuilder style training that most of the other exercise programs still implement today!

I instantly got pretty eager to share this new method with other people who wanted to have a lean, sexy appearance and look good naked, so I took all the years of research and my entire fitness and nutrition system...

...and I put it into a manual, a series of videos, and a complete, no-guesswork involved system for looking good naked and seeing the changes in the mirror and on your body within just 21 days. It is called "Shape21: The Complete 21 Day Lean Body Manual."

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The Shape21 Lean Body Manual (available as a hard copy mailed to your home or an instantly downloadable digital version) offers a revolutionary new approach to looking good and re-designing your body, and here's why:

Rather than separate your nutrition and exercise into two different programs, it combines a workout plan, grocery shopping list, exercise instruction manual and meal menu that shows you exactly how to exercise and what to eat every single day. That means there is zero guesswork in learning how to look good naked - it's all there, in one complete, easy-to-read package that you can keep in your car, gym locker, kitchen table, or grocery store shopping cart!

In other words, while your newly created lean muscle cells are eating up your body's storage fat as fast as possible, Shape21 is giving you exact instructions for toning, shaping, and hardening the sexy curves and chiseled appearance that begins to appear as a replacement for the soft fat, all in just 21 days!

Best of all, Shape21 is designed to be applicable for all levels to get that lean body. So each manual includes options for beginner, intermediate, or advanced individuals.

This means that if you have never worked out before, but want to take charge of your life and begin a new exercise and nutrition routine, you can start with the beginner level...

And if you're in decent shape, but need to lose a few percentage points of body fat, or need to find a diet that caters to your busy lifestyle, you'll begin Shape21 at the intermediate level...

Finally, if you...

A) are an athlete who wants to see unparalleled increases in speed and power, while retaining a lean sprinter's body and consuming the best possible fuel;

B) feel fit and strong, but don't like your thick, bulky appearance and constantly drained energy levels or;

C) you want a true challenge that gives you a better body from the classroom to the work place to the dance floor...

the advanced level exercise program in Shape21 will instantly give you a huge performance boost!

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Step-by-step exercise and eating instructions are a must, and photos are very helpful. So I designed Shape21 to be exactly this type of fitness and diet manual...here's how it works:

The first few pages quickly provide you with a simple introduction of what to expect and exactly how to use the manual, including a walk-through of how to use the meal plan, workout plan...Grocery Shopping List

...then you find out exactly what you need from the grocery shopping list to follow the meal plan for every single week (and trust me, you'll find everything at your local grocery store - just check-off the foods as you put them in your cart)...

...once you turn to Day 1, you will have access to a comprehensive menu for every single meal of the day, including exact quantities, easy cooking instructions, when to eat and dozens of other practical nutrition tips and tricks for a delicious, healthy and lean-body diet. And since I work with people who have super busy lifestyles - just like you - I've made sure that the menu takes almost no time and effort to prepare...

...also on Day 1, you'll find your complete "look good naked" exercise plan for the day. You'll be provided with a picture of every exercise, exact specifications for the cardiovascular training, instructions for the best time of day to complete the workouts, and how to match up your meal times to your exercise times for the best boost to your metabolism - all closely guarded personal training secrets that have never before been offered in such a comprehensive package...you even receive a DVD along with your book that shows you actual video demonstrations of each workout!

No, I'm not naked in the video demonstrations, but I do show you the same type of body you're going to get when you follow the easy system you watch.

...every single day is just as simple! Your meals and your exercises change in new and exciting ways for all 21 days, and each day is laid out in a clear and easy-to-follow format. You'll never get bored, you'll never have to wonder if you're "doing it right", and you'll be able to literally watch the fat melt away while discovering new strength, speed, and power you never thought possible...

Shape21 Exercise Page...to help you understand why it works so well, at the end of the manual I've included an FAQ's section that provides you with the science behind the nutrition and the workouts, as well as an exercise index that allows you to quickly and easily look up the page number for any of the 101 exercises included in Shape21...

...and finally, since no single body is alike, every day offers calorie consumption ranges and alternate meals based on body size, as well as your choice of beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout plans, each with varying difficulties of exercise and recommendations for altering exercises in the case of previously injured joints or different levels of strength...

...it's never been easier to learn exactly how to get that lean body and look fantastic.


I'm a personal trainer - I know that you have to be able to understand the process or you'll simply fall off the bandwagon. I don't want that to happen to you. I don't want you to go back to the old habits of getting fat or bulking up. So in addition to making Shape21 easy-to-understand, I've also made it so that you can conveniently do it anywhere.

That's right. You can literally take Shape21 with you to the park, family room, basement, or outdoors backyard and complete every single exercise with your body weight only plus one set of weights, whether they be weight plates, dumbbells, or a even a couple of heavy rocks!

In the manual, I provide recommendations on exactly how much resistance you should be using, as well as instructions on how you can substitute one exercise for another, alter exercises if you have injured joints, and change movement patterns to affect the intensity.

Best of all, you get to choose whether you want the Shape21 Lean Body Program delivered as a physical book and exercise DVD that will arrive in your mailbox, or as an instantly downloadable digital version!

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I’ve literally done all the work for you.

After I finished Shape21: The Complete 21 Day Lean Body Manual, I sent it to some people to try and see what they thought. Here are some of the results...and what they have to say:

Want even more proof or normal people just like you, getting the sexy body they deserve? Check out this video!

So how about you?

Is your body thick, bulky, freakish-looking, or just plain fat? Do you ever feel sluggish, tired, fatigued, constantly sick or just plain down-and-out? Are you ready to give up the old-school exercise program you're using now and instead do a program with the single laser focus of making you look good naked?

Then Shape21 is the lean body secret you've been looking for...

Hard Copy Postal Mail Order E-Book Instant Download Order

But that's not all!

Here are the bonus items that you receive if you are one of the lucky individuals to take advantage of the exclusive, web-only pricing available at this website:

-FREE unlimited 30 day access to the Shape21 Lean Body Forum, a social support network where you can interact with other people using the program, and have all your Shape21 diet & exercise questions instantly answered by me...

-FREE video of my Fat Loss Secrets Seminar, where I explain in detail many of the concepts used to create the sexy, lean body system in Shape21...

-FREE Shape21 audio support download, in which I walk you step-by-step through exactly how to implement Shape21 with maximum success...

-And finally, you'll be immediately entered into a drawing for 1 FREE year of customized online personal fitness and nutrition training with me, Ben Greenfield!

The entire Shape21 Lean Body Manual Book/DVD package is offered at this website for the web-only special of $47 (or you can get the electronic book version instantly downloaded for just $17).

That's right, you'll receive everything that you need to look good naked for for less than the cost of a single personal training session!

You're getting a fitness coach, nutrition coach and lifestyle coach all rolled into one - it's like having me take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step to the lean, sexy body of your dreams...

No more embarassment. No more fluttering between workouts. No more hiding your body. Simply use the 100% secure order form below, and you can instantly begin your journey to a lean, clean and sexy body.

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